70 Proof Story

My mother raised me in the hot Miami sun, on boats, in the salt and sea, for most of my life. 

Growing up, I watched her applying these 3 products to her face every day for 50 years. I doubted her confidence that it would prevent wrinkles and sagging and age spots.

On my 50th birthday, I looked at my beautiful mother and told her she had been right. Her face hadn't aged! In fact, I was aging faster than she was. On that day, I decided to put this beauty secret in a bottle and use my mom as the "Proof".

This is Mom at age 74!  

She's never had Botox, fillers, bleaching or plastic surgery! 


Because of our absolute belief that real beauty is found in every woman, we only use real people in the photos we feature on our website and in our marketing. You won't find photoshopped pictures, professional photographers, or professional models on our site. Everyone you see is a real world beauty from our own lives.

I've searched the world-over for the highest grade ingredients to bring you this formula in the most natural and organic state possible.

My goal is to let you know that you can trust these products

You can pay much more for a product with a big brand name attached. But can they show you a customer who has used it for 50 years with these results?

70 Proof yourself. Pass along this wisdom to the women in your life. We need to take care of each other.

I hope you will LOVE it!

Be 70 Proof.    

Much Love,



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